Riding the Wave

The Adventure Towards the Transpersonal

Long-lasting in the ordinary stage of consciousness, the one of the average person adapted to existence, is a cause of considerable suffering which, if not listened to, may have psychopathological features. It can also prevent the adventure towards the Transpersonal, the path beyond the ego that opens the individual to the influence of the Self, our inmost essence.

Riding the wave is the essence of the path of liberation from the burdens of the ego, which is full of difficulties but leads to more advanced stages of consciousness.

Based on the author’s experience, both professional and personal, the book illustrates the difficulties that may encounter he who aims at getting rid of the egoic identifications, of psychic suffering and self-deception, as well as of dependencies on attachments of various nature. It suggests some stratagems and indications to overcome obstacles and resistances to the consciential growth.

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