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Who am I?

I graduated in Mathematics in 1984 and obtained my degree in Developmental and Educational Psychology with honours and the Gestalt Counselor certificate in 1999. I have been on the Regional Psychologists’s Register since 2001; I obtained the Gestalt Psychotherapist certificate in 2004 and the European Certificate in Psychology in 2009.

I acquired advanced skills in English (Cambridge ESOL Certificate of Proficiency), French (Dalf C2) and Spanish, and an intermediate knowledge of Romanian and Russian.

I am a member of the European Transpersonal Psychology Association, under whose patronage I serve as a trainer in a training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.  I carry out my private psychotherapist activity in Rome, where I live. 

Lately I graduated in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. My artistic research is intertwined with my psychological and spiritual knowledge, giving me the opportunity to integrate my work as a facilitator in the psycho-spiritual field with the visual and imaginative expression of the contents that I mainly deal with.

I believe that my own life experiences, personal growth and a continuous pathway of investigation and spiritual transformation, are an indispensable factor for my therapeutic practice, aside from my personal training on psychotherapy.


My psychotherapeutic work is essentially based on the Psychosocial Gestalt, an approach laying within the humanistic psychology, rooted on such values like: the here-and-now awareness, the indissolubleness of the body-mind system, the organismic self-regulation and the contact, paying strict attention to the person seen not only as a single individual, but as an individual living and operating within the environment.

Having started from this point, afterwards I opted for the integral approach within the transpersonal psychology. This approach aims to integrate the features of the human wholeness (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) by joining together the psychoterapeutic knowledge and the practices of awareness and transformation contained in the meditative systems.

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