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Towards Integral Health

Psychology addresses development and health, besides taking care of overt psychopathology. It is specially interested in human growth and optimal healthy states. In particular, transpersonal psychology aims to the development of a wide range of bio-psycho-spiritual potentialities, its purpose being not only the treatment of symptoms but also helping people becoming mature, creative and contributing to the common good. This model regards spirituality as a fundamental human dimension, involved in psychological health.

According to the integral vision of transpersonal psychology, human individuality is formed as a set of potentialities that are expressed in the bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. The physical body is the seat of the feelings, the emotional body includes the emotions, the mental body contains the thoughts and all the rational activity, whereas the spiritual body is the seat of the highest qualities, such as love and the intuitive intellect. 

Being able to integrate the dimensions of being understanding at what level one's own emerging needs are located is a major factor of health and growth. Therefore it is worth paying attention and listening to the requests coming from the bio-psycho-spiritual unity, seeking for expert help, if necessary. In this way, one can achieve a state of optimal health that will facilitate the full expression of one's potential, thereby contributing to the growth and evolution of the human race. 

We need people of wisdom and maturity, 
who work with altruistic projects and objectives, 
not only to release suffering  
but also to awaken themselves and others  (Roger Walsh)

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